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Milwhite, Inc. began in 1923 by developing sources and supplying clay to refineries. Today, Milwhite, Inc. is the industry leader in high tech specialty minerals and products throughout the world. Milwhite has evolved into providing a broad range of products for animal health and production, oil and gas exploration and other industrial uses.

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The Mycotoxin Solution. Milbond-TX® is a proven feed additive that protects animals from the costly effects of Aflatoxins and other Mycotoxins in the feed.


Intestinal Health Support. Milpro-TX® is a new feed additive intended to help enhance the protection and health of the gastrointestinal mucosa of chickens, pigs, calves, cattle and any other animal species. In addition, it helps to reduce the incidence and severity of diarrhea in animals.

With almost a century of experience, Milwhite, Inc. is an industry leader in Specialty Minerals for the animal feed industry, oil industry and other industrial uses.

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