With almost a century of experience, Milwhite, Inc. is an industry leader in Specialty Minerals for the animal feed industry, oil industry and other industrial uses.

For almost 30 years, Milwhite, Inc. has been providing all-natural products that improve animal health and production.

From mycotoxin control to intestinal health support, Milwhite, Inc. is committed to improving livestock productivity using natural, safe and effective products.

Since 1923, Milwhite, Inc. has played a role in the history of the non-metallic industrial minerals.

Milwhite, Inc. provides high-grade natural barium and strontium sulfate, that can be used across a variety of industries. Milwhite is dedicated to our customers with consistently high quality products and unparalleled customer service.

Milwhite, Inc has been an active supplier of drilling and refinery products.

For decades, Milwhite, Inc. has had a close relationship with the oil industry providing the quality expected with reliable deliveries. 

Milwhite, Inc. ships products both, by truck or rail. Our plant has a high capacity rail spur. 

The reason Milwhite, Inc. has stayed in business for almost a century is that we have taken care of our customers with the utmost professionalism.

Milwhite, Inc. is committed to supply our customers with the best quality products, but most important, we do it on time and correctly. We are not perfect, but we try to be. 

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