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The Mycotoxin Solution.

Milbond-TX® is an animal feed additive that is perfectly designed and calculated with a blend of natural occurring minerals milled to a specific particle size distribution with our specialized milling equipment to produce a unique product of a combination of crystals with the precise openings in its molecular structure to absorb Aflatoxin particles without absorbing particles of antibiotics, vitamins and other nutrients. 

Although Milbond-TX® has no nutritional value, its effects improves the nutrition of the animals by absorbing the Aflatoxin and allowing the rest of the ingredients in the feed to be incorporated to the animal’s healthy growth. 

Advantages of Milbond-TX® 


  • Increased body weight.

  • Better feed conversion.

  • Higher return in profit.

  • Better response to the vaccination program.

  • Increased litter size.

  • Increase in egg production.

  • Decreases carcass condemnation.

  • No withdrawal time.

  • No residual effects.

  • Additional benefits with or without mycotoxins.


Intestinal Health Support. 

Milpro-TX® is a new feed additive designed for Intestinal Health Support to enhance the protection and health of the gastrointestinal mucosa of animals. In addition, it helps to reduce the incidence and severity of diarrhea in livestock.

Milpro-TX® reinforcing the intestinal mucosa barrier and assisting in the regeneration of epithelium preventing diarrhea, loss of appetite, insufficient weight gain, intestinal damage and a low return on investment. 

Milpro-TX® is a practical and economical alternative to protect animal production against losses induced by diarrhea.

Advantages of Milpro-TX® 


    Helps reinforce the intestinal mucosa barrier.

  • Practical and economical solution for diarrhea.

  • Enhances the action of antibiotics and probiotics.

  • There is no risk of tissue residues.

  • Begins working immediately and works as good gastrointestinal health.

  • Does not affect feed consumption or body weight.

  • No withdrawal time is required.

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